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Two Souls Telugu Movie Review – 123telugu

Release Date : April 21, 2023 Rating : 2.25/5
Starring: Trinadh Varma, Bhavana Sagi, Mounika Reddy, Ravi Teja Mahadasyam
Director: Shravan Kumar
Producer: Vijaya Lakshmi Veluri
Music Director: Pratik Abhyankar and Anand Nambiar
Cinematography: Shashank Sri Ram
Editor: Shravan Kumar
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Small budget movie Two Souls, starring Trinadh Varma and Bhavana Sangi hit the screens today. Check out our review to know how the film is.
Akhil (Trinadh Varma) is a carefree young man who believes that his girlfriend Priya (Mounika Reddy) is cheating on him and decides to commit suicide. He survives the attempt and ends up in the hospital, where he realizes that his soul leaves his body. He meets Priya (Bhavana Sagi), the only soul he can see. Who is Priya? What happened to her? Is there any connection between them? What happened next between them? Did they finally meet in reality?
Plus Points:
The point the director Shravan Kumar wanted to convey is so good. Though it is his debut film, the director neatly handled the film and to say, he also takes care of the crafts like editing and DI.
Actor Trinadh Varma looks good and his on-screen behaviour is neat. He performs fine as a disturbed person who missed his mother followed by his girlfriend.
Young actress Bhavana Sagi also delivers a fine performance. She may sound hyperactive on screen but it is how the character is and she gave her best. On the other hand, she looks good. Ravi Teja Mahadasyam and Mounika Reddy have limited screen presence but did justice to their roles.
The climax portion is fine. The visuals and the background score are really good. The beauty of Sikkim is showcased well in the film, especially in the second hour.
Minus Points:
These kinds of films which are merely based on conversations need to be engaging throughout. Otherwise, they give enormous boredom to the audience. Unfortunately, Two Souls lacks such an engaging dialogue exchange.
The director wants to build an emotional connection between the characters Akhil and Priya with beautiful conversations. However, the conversations which need to be engrossing generate boredom in places.
The conversations in the first half are not that much impressive. Maybe, the director intentionally wanted to make better conversations in the latter half. Alongside, some of the conversations give repetitive feels.
Director Shankar should have taken better care of narration in the first half. Also, he should have shown some backstory related to the leads, which might have helped the film. The songs are melodious but a proper promotion before the release could have helped them earn more attention.
Technical Aspects:
The way the debutant director Shravan Kumar handled the movie is okay but he should have written better conversations to make Two Souls a better movie. It is important to mention that the director handled the climax very well.
Cinematography by Shashank Sri Ram is good. Music by Pratik Abhyankar and the background score by Anand Nambiar are fine. Production values are neat and the editing should have been crisper. There is a lot of room for trimming many scenes in the first half. Also, a crisp runtime should have helped the film big time.
On the whole, Two Souls has a nice concept that executed in a bad manner. Though it has a neat climax and decent performances from the lead actors, the screenplay and boring conversations in the first hour made the film a below-par fare. Rating: 2.25/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team



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