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The Bitter Regret FC Bayern Munich Could Face In May – Forbes

MUNICH, GERMANY – APRIL 27: Thomas Tuchel, Head Coach of Bayern Munich, celebrates following the … [+] team’s victory in the Bundesliga match between FC Bayern München and Eintracht Frankfurt at Allianz Arena on April 27, 2024 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)
Sometimes it really is better to stick rather than twist. Not that Bayern Munich would agree.
In the boardroom of the Allianz Arena where the leadership plots its next move, their actions suggest the mere concept of showing patience is almost weak.
This, after all, is the club who fired three of its last five league-winning managers midseason.
Last year’s dumping of Julian Nagelsmann was especially brutal. The club was still in the Champions League and only a point off leaders Borussia Dortmund. The message was clear: they didn’t want to even allow him to fail.
The agreed postseason departure of Thomas Tuchel this campaign around carried a slightly stronger logic. Looking well off the pace in the Bundesliga there have been some terrible and embarrassing defeats not least to eventual champions Bayern Leverkusen.
But as time has gone on one does wonder whether the excellence of the title winners was taken into account. Weaker coaches like Nico Kovac might have delivered the league to Munich but no Bayern coach has faced an opponent this strong since Jurgen Klopp left Borussia Dortmund.
Not only that, but Tuchel was still fighting in the Champions League final a competition he won not long ago.
The decision looked even worse when FC Bayern started surveying the market for managerial talent. The reported shortlist is made up of Unai Emery from Aston Villa and the regularly derided Ralf Rangnick
Those names have done little to invigorate the FC Bayern fans, some of whom demonstrated their displeasure with the announcement that Tuchel will be leaving at the end of the campaign by launching a petition calling for a reversal in the decision.
“FC Bayern decided to dismiss Thomas Tuchel in the summer after the defeat against VFL Bochum. What an atrocious decision!” the petition which has gained 12,000 signatures read.
“Thomas Tuchel, also known as “Juppel,” never had it easy in Munich. Despite the negative media coverage surrounding him and the personnel situation with the injury-plagued Munich team, the Champions League winner led his team to the semi-finals of the Champions League.
“With all due respect to candidates like (Unai) Emery or Rangnick, these coaches can’t hold a candle to “Juppel”.”
Asked to respond to the fans’ petition Tuchel adopted the same stance he has for almost all the issues he’s faced at FC Bayern and claimed it is a distraction he is not interested in.
“Even though this topic is good for me when they [the fans] wish you to stay, it’s not something that is a priority,’ Tuchel said ahead of Bayern’s game against Frankfurt.
“It isn’t allowed to be a priority. In the next 11 days, it’s only about football, nothing else. Whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant, I don’t allow myself to be influenced by it.”
MUNICH, GERMANY – APRIL 27: Thomas Tuchel, Head Coach of Bayern Munich, speaks to the media in a … [+] post match press conference after the Bundesliga match between FC Bayern München and Eintracht Frankfurt at Allianz Arena on April 27, 2024 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by F. Noever/FC Bayern via Getty Images)
Never one to back down from a decision, former President Uli Hoeneß claimed in the pages of the national newspaper Bild that the reason behind dumping Tuchel was because the coach focused too much on overhauling the squad and not enough on improving the talent already in place.
“We want to have a coach who improves the individual players,” he suggested
“Personally, I have no problem at all with Thomas Tuchel. He came to dinner with us a few times, those were nice evenings, everything was okay.
“But: He has a different attitude! Not that you can improve [Aleksandar] Pavlovic, that you can improve [Alphonso] Davies.
“If things don’t go any further, then we’ll buy-that can’t be the solution. I am of the opinion: We have to buy one or two good players, but we have to give the players we have self-confidence and work hard on them,
“I can remember: We once had a world coach named [Giovanni] Trapattoni. Every day after training he taught Sammy Kuffour – African – the simplest things: play passes, right, left, receive the ball with his chest and take it with him.
“I once asked him: ‘Giovanni, why are you doing that?’ Then he said to me: ‘I’m a football teacher it is very important to improve the players and that you hold them in your arms every now and then.’”
The bitter truth is that at the level Bayern Munich is operating there are few better coaches than Thomas Tuchel.
Perhaps he could have improved certain players more, but it is also true that the Bayern squad has some gaping holes not least in central midfield which has been the side’s undoing repeatedly this season.
Should, as many expect, Tuchel take another elite role the leadership at Bayern may be left with a very unpleasant taste in their mouth and a summer of regret. Not least if Tuchel delivers the Champions League crown to Munich again.



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