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Tejasvi Surya Calls for Unity Among Hindus – Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad: The BJP conducted a “Let’s Vote Campaign” musical concert in Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology on Tuesday.
BJP MP Tejasvi Surya attended the concert, organised by Governor Bandaru Dattatreya’s daughter Vijayalaxmi Bandaru, and addressed the students. Bands Varnam and Taara performed at the event as students poured in and grooved to the music.
Tejasvi Surya addressed the students and encouraged them to vote. He urged them to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, and called for unity among Hindus.
Students, holding Indian flags, vibed to the band music despite the incessant rain at the venue. Band Varnam’s Vinay Sasidhar said it was an enthralling experience to perform at the concert. Praneeth, a student, said he will vote in the upcoming elections and choose the right leader for the nation.



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