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Srikanth Odela Plans A Film With Prabhas? – Gulte

Published on: 5:19 am, 8 November 2023
Director Srikanth Odela, known for his remarkable work in his debut movie “Dasara,” is reportedly in the process of developing an exciting new story for none other than Prabhas. The project reportedly promises to be a thrilling and pan-India venture.
Srikanth Odela’s “Dasara,” which was well-received by both critics and audiences, showcased his ability to craft engaging and commercial potboilers. His storytelling prowess, combined with Prabhas’ star power will definitely be a refreshing combo at the box office.
What makes this collaboration even more intriguing is the mention of a rustic action story that is designed to resonate with a pan-Indian audience.
The fact that Srikanth Odela is said to be tailoring this story to Prabhas’s strengths is a promising sign. The director is yet to announce his second film and he has been working on the script for a long time.
As of now, the official confirmation on the same is awaited.



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