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Rahul, Priyanka spreading confusion due to their political unemployment: Tejaswi Surya – The Statesman

Addressing the press conference here on Friday, he said that from South to North and from East to West, there is a wave in favor of Narendra Modi and BJP in the entire country.
Statesman News Service | Lucknow |
Photo: IANS
BJP Yuva Morcha and MP Tejaswi Surya on Friday claimed Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra are spreading confusion in the country due to their political unemployment.
He alleged the Congress has left the election field in most of the states including South India.
“The culture of leaving the field has started from Rahul Gandhi due to which even his candidates are running away. Rahul Gandhi has fled from Amethi and is contesting elections from Rae Bareli under compulsion,” he said.

Addressing the press conference here on Friday, he said that from South to North and from East to West, there is a wave in favor of Narendra Modi and BJP in the entire country.
“Some political families are contesting elections to save their family’s family seat. The entire SP is working to make the husband-wife team win the elections. Whether it is Kannauj or Mainpuri, the husband and wife will stay in Lucknow only and are not going to Delhi. SP and Congress will loose all the seats including Rae Bareli, Kannauj, Mainpuri,” he said.
Tejaswi Surya said that Priyanka Vadra is raising questions regarding unemployment. But, like every allegation of the Congress party, this allegation is far from reality.
He said that the urban unemployment rate in the country has decreased from 6 percent to 3 percent and the rural unemployment rate has decreased from 5 percent to 2 percent in the last 7 years.
“Over 25 crore people in the country have come above the poverty line in the last 10 years. Unemployment has decreased in the last ten years under the leadership of Modi ji. The lowest unemployment rate is in India today. There are ten years of efforts by Modi ji behind this,” he said.
Surya said that senior Congress leaders were against the formation of Pakistan but it was only because of Nehru that India got divided and that is why Congress is getting support from Pakistan today. Congress party and Nehru-Gandhi family love Pakistan which sends terrorists into the country.
He said that Congress party leaders talk about peace with Pakistan instead of taking action against terrorists. On the other hand, Pakistan talks about making Congress leaders victorious. The patriotic people of India are watching this and are responding to this love for Pakistan of the Congress Party.
“Congress workers have raised the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad in Karnataka. In their love shop only love items from Pakistan are available,” he said.

The entire 2.5 km stretch of the road from the BJP headquarters to Vani Vihar square came under a massive security ring as PM Modi embarked on his second roadshow in Bhubaneswar after five years.
Sukhu, while addressing a public gathering at Hamirpur after Congress candidate Satpal Raizada filed nomination from Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat on Friday, said that the people of Hamirpur are his strength and the people here have supported him every moment.
Speaking at a BJP election rally in Nandurbar, Maharashtra, he said that even while abusing him during the campaign, Opposition parties won’t forget about their policy of appeasement.

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