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Players for the future: Bayern want to reward youngsters with new contract – Bayern Munich News

FC Bayern is endeavouring to integrate more youth players into the professional team. One example of this is Lovro Zvonarek. The Croatian youth international is now set to extend his contract with Bayern.
FC Bayern want to extend the contract of Croatian youth international Lovro Zvonarek. The 19-year-old made his Bundesliga debut against Augsburg back in January. Zvonarek has also been training regularly with Bayern’s professional team since the beginning of the year. His contract with the German record champions currently runs until 2025.
According to the Münchener Abendzeitung newspaper, the Munich club want to offer the attacking all-rounder a new contract. According to the report, Zvonarek is one of the young players the club will be looking to sign in the future.
The Croatian signed for FCB at the age of 15 and has played regularly for the record champions‘ youth teams since 1 July 2022.
According to BILD, around €1.8 million was paid for his transfer from Croatian first division club Slaven Belupo. His former coach Tomislav Stipic had brought him to Munich.
Thomas Tuchel’s team was plagued by major injury worries at the beginning of the year. Zvonarek seized this opportunity. He has since made a few brief appearances, and in April he was used in the final minutes against Union Berlin and Eintracht Frankfurt. His discoverer Stipic was hardly surprised. In an interview on before his move to Munich, he enthused about Zvonarek: „He’s 15 and what deficits does he have compared to the best players in the team? The answer was always: None!“
Zvonarek’s regular training with the professionals has helped his personal development considerably. He said on the club website: Every session at this levelhelps me enormously. Everyone always wants to help me improve and give me tips. I learn every day and can continue to develop.“ With his growing experience and the support of the club, Lovro Zvonarek could be the next Bayern youth player to make the step up to the professional squad.
nach nächster Saison einfach auch mal dem Verein, der Mannschaft, dem Club und vor allem dem staff, Zeit geben und eingestehen.
das Finale 25 zuhause musst du natürlich versuchen mitzunehmen und ich würde auch alles daran setzen es zu erreichen (mit Tuchel!!) und dann sollten wir uns alle mal beruhigen und die Dinge mit Ruhe und Vernunft angehen!
mir ist das momentan alles zu stressig und hektisch, wir lassen uns von außen (Medien, UH und von 0815 Personen) zu sehr verrückt machen.
Der hat nicht das Zeug für die Erste!

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