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Lok Sabha Elections 2024: In Bangalore South, BJP Defends Stronghold Against Congress Challenger – NDTV

Tejasvi Surya and Sowmya Reddy prep for the Lok Sabha elections
Post-independence, Bangalore South constituency emerged as a prominent political arena within the Mysore state. Notable figures like T. Madiah Gowda, a distinguished lawyer and freedom fighter, marked the early chapters of this constituency’s electoral history.
Bangalore KYC
After the States Reorganisation Act of 1956, Bangalore South underwent various structural changes, eventually emerging as a distinct Lok Sabha constituency in 1977. Over the years, it has witnessed dynamic political narratives, reflecting the diverse fabric of Karnataka’s political landscape.
Bangalore MP
Bangalore South has been a stronghold of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the past few decades. Notably, BJP stalwart Ananth Kumar clinched victory for six consecutive terms, establishing a formidable presence in the region’s political domain.
The constituency has experienced shifts in political representation, with the Janata Party and Congress making sporadic victories. However, BJP’s consistent triumphs underscore its entrenched position, with leaders like Tejasvi Surya carrying forward the legacy of predecessors like Ananth Kumar.
Bangalore Turnout
The electorate composition of Bangalore South reflects an urban-centric demographic, with a significant Hindu majority. Over the years, voter turnout has showcased fluctuations, with notable spikes in recent elections, indicating heightened political engagement.
Following the demise of Ananth Kumar in 2018, Tejasvi Surya emerged as a prominent figure, securing a resounding victory in the 2019 elections. Surya’s ascension at a young age underscores the dynamic nature of Bangalore South’s political landscape.
Bangalore Trivia
Upcoming Elections
As the upcoming Lok Sabha elections approach, Bangalore South braces for another riveting contest. The Congress has fielded Soumya Reddy, an environmentalist and seasoned politician, to challenge BJP’s dominance in the constituency.

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