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Gowry's winning track – Deccan Chronicle

The song Aaro Nenjil from the movie Godha has topped the charts even before the movie got released. The melody has been liked by the audiences not only for its music, which is done by Shaan Rahman but also for the way it has been rendered, the credit for which goes to the singer Gowry Lekshmi.
Gowry is certainly an emerging name in the Malayalam film industry. And her age has never been a barrier for her to try her hand in different aspects of music — singing, composing, shows and workshops. The list goes on. But she makes it a point to be associated with music in one or the other way.
Gowry, who started learning music at a very young age, also composes tunes. It was Sakhiye from Cassanova that gave her the official entry into movies as a composer and she is probably the youngest person to have excelled in multiple areas of music.
Sharing her experience of working with Shaan, Gowry says that they were acquaintances and also wanted to work together. “Aaro Nenjil is one of my personal favourites as well and I am getting very good feedback for the song,” says Gowry who is also singing for Shaan’s Telugu projects. Mammootty starrer Puthenpanam’s title song was rendered by her.
Along with the busy schedule in playback singing, Gowry is also gearing up for her next single song Maanae, which she says will have fairytale as its theme. Earlier, one of her other songs Thoni was also a huge hit. When asked about her success mantra, Gowry says, “Receiving proper training in classical as well as western music has groomed the musician in me and made me what I am today. The biggest plus point when you keep on learning is that you never get stuck in just one genre. You can keep on experimenting with music and improvising with every show.”
She also conducts music workshops and provides one-on-one classes for a selected few. “I only give classes to those I feel are worth these classes. If I feel that the person is committed to learning good music only then do I spend my time to teach him/her.” she adds.
On the trend of lip syncing that has become rampant in stage shows, she is of the opinion that practising each and every song and singing it in front of a crowd without any change requires a lot of guts and only a seasoned artiste can do that. “True, lip syncing has increased of late but that doesn’t mean that the particular singer is not a good singer. People pay for getting entertained and sometimes stuff like lip syncing is overlooked when people get entertained to the core.” She says.



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