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adidas Launch Bayern Munich 24/25 Home Shirt – SoccerBible

With only a handful of games left of the 23/24 campaign, attention turns briefly to next season for Bayern Munich, as they unveil their new home shirt for 24/25 from adidas.
For the 23/24 season Bayern Munich went with a predominantly white look for their home shirt, with red playing a supporting role in the design. Well for the 24/25 season white’s been ditched altogether, with red promoted to lead. And with that comes a first in Bayern’s history, with their home jersey design featuring three different shades of red, representing “identity, emotion and the drama of the game”.
#Anzeige | ALLE IN ROT 🔴

Das neue #FCBayern Heimtrikot 24/25 ist jetzt verfügbar.

The three different shades lend a deep texture to the design, and zccording to the club, the trio of colour nuances is also a tribute to Bayern being the only German men’s team to have won the treble of Bundesliga, DFB Cup and Champions League. Within that design The texture and different shades is really brought to life through a new interpretation of the fans’ favourite vertical striped look, which is made up of Bavarian diamonds.
The new kit will be worn for the first time by the Bayern women’s team in their DFB Cup final against Wolfsburg on 9 May. The men’s team will debut the kit in their final home game of the season three days later at the Allianz Arena, also against Wolfsburg. 
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