Howrah to Mayapur via Bandel Train Time Table || Mayapur Tour Fees and more..

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In this blog we will tell you how to go to Mayapur or what to see in Mayapur, like renting a room or eating Prasad, we will tell you about all these things.

Howrah to Bishnupriya Station Train: Time Table;

Daily:-05:38 AM ➔ 07:50AM
Daily:-08:00 AM ➔ 10:13AM
Daily:-10:00 AM ➔ 12:13 PM
Daily:-12:10 PM ➔ 02:26 PM
Daily:-02:30 PM ➔ 04:37 PM
Daily:-04:05 PM ➔ 06:45 PM
Daily:-05:05 PM ➔ 07:22 PM
Daily:-06:00 PM ➔ 08:07 PM
Daily:-07:25 PM ➔ 09:30 PM

Howrah to Bande Station Train: Time Table;

If You Are At Howrah Station, You Will Get A Train From Howrah To Bandel Every 5/10 Minutes, So I Am Not Giving The Time Table.

Bande to Bishnupriya Station Train: Time Table;

Daily:-3:05 AM ➔ 4:18 AM
Daily:-4:30 AM ➔ 5:43 AM
Daily:-5:40 AM ➔ 6:54 AM
Daily:-6:38 AM ➔ 7:50 AM
Daily:-8:10 AM ➔ 9:25 AM
Daily:-9:00 AM ➔ 10:13 AM
Daily:-9:30 AM ➔ 10:42 AM
Daily:-11:00 AM ➔ 12:13 PM
Daily:-12:15 PM ➔ 1:30 PM
Daily:-1:13 PM ➔ 2:26 PM
Daily:-2:35 PM ➔ 3:50 PM
Daily:-3:25 PM ➔ 4:37 PM
Daily:-4:35 PM ➔ 5:49 PM
Daily:-5:15 PM ➔ 6:45 PM
Daily:-6:07 PM ➔ 7:22 PM
Daily:-6:52 PM ➔ 8:07 PM
Daily:-7:40 PM ➔ 8:54 PM
Daily:-8:17 PM ➔ 9:30 PM
Daily:-11:25 PM ➔ 12:38 AM

Bishnupriya to Nabadwip Ghat in Toto Rs10-20 per person;

After getting down at Bishnupriya station, you will get a toto there, then catch a toto for Nabadwip Ghat and you will see the name of Bishnupriya station as Bishnupriya Halt because the name of this station was probably earlier Bishnupriya Halt, due to which in all the banners you will see Bishnupriya Halt. It is visible but you have nothing to do with the name and now you have to take a toto and come to Nabadwip Ghat And Toto will charge every person Rs 10-20 to go to the ghat.

Nabadwip Ghat to Mayapur Ferry Ghat Rs10 or Rs5;

You will get both boat/Yacht and to go from Nabadwip Ghat to Mayapur Ferry Ghat and the price is around Rs 5 and Rs 10 respectively

Mayapur Ferry Ghat to Mayapur Temple in Toto and Bus Rs10;

After getting down at the ferry ghat, now you have to go to the temple by taking a bus or Toto and both the bus and Toto will charge Rs 10 as fare. By the way you want, you can go on foot.

If you wish, you can go on foot as the temple is nearby.

Mayapur Prasadam Ticket After Entering Mayapur Temple area;

Here you will get some kind of ticket like Rs30 Rs70 Rs120 or some kind of ticket is also available or there is also a free ticket for which you have to do the first aarti at 4 am in the morning.

Room Rent After Entering Mayapur Temple area;

After coming to Mayapur temple area, you will get few types of rooms, that is Rs400, Rs800, Rs1100 and you will also get Rs100 to Rs200, for which you will have to take information from there.

And Rs 100 Rs 200 room will be given to you.Both will be found in Gouranga Kutir and Nityananda Kutir.

And now, if you reach Mayapur, do visit because there are many temples nearby and if you like the information given by me, please share this blog post of mine with your friends.

Howrah to Mayapur via Bandel Train Time Table FAQs

Where is Mayapur? the address of MayapurSri Mayapur Dhama, Mayapur, District Nadia, West Bengal, India – 741313

What is Mayapur contact number? Phone: (3472)245240, (3472)245620, (3472)245455, +91(3472)245455, +91(3472) 245218

Is Mayapur the biggest temple? Yes, it is not only in India, it is the biggest temple in the world.

Is Prasad available for eating Mayapur? Yes, it is available.

Is room rent available in Mayapur? Yes, it is available.

Is Mayapur a good place to visit? Yes it is a best place to visit.

Can we travel completely in one day? No, it will not be possible in one day.

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